Very soon, we will have a website for our non-profit in Kyotera. I will link that here so you can have the opportunity to see what all was involved in our trip to Uganda summer 2017 and the vision we have for this district. While we were in Uganda, we did stop by the Sseko workshop! I took photos for Sseko and had the opportunity to meet my beautiful co-workers. This is Racheal. All of my sales for the remainder of 2017 directly impact her. She’s a full-time employee of Sseko and has been for several years. She’s a mama with a 7-year-old little girl who I hope I have the honor of meeting one day. I don’t know the details of Racheal’s story, but within that short time we had together, seeing her smile and getting this photo was the highlight of my day. The only previous photos I had of her communicated nothing about who she was or where she was in life. But seeing this smile in person, talking to her for just a few minutes, I felt a connection I honestly cannot describe. I want to go back and spend quality time with her. So much. Making that happen seems impossible at this point. The number of ladies I need to partner with me through hosting is huge. But I have to believe I will get to Uganda next year. I’m claiming it. I’m going to work my tail off this fall. I’m going to do my best to communicate with you the importance of the opportunity Sseko has created in Uganda. Follow me on FB, on IG to hear stories, to hear our vision, to see the possibilities.