My Why

Why did I become a part of Sseko Designs?

The very first time I heard the Sseko Story, told by Liz, I was hooked. This is what I had been looking for. I greatly desired to be a part of “something bigger.” Our family also needed more income to meet monthly needs. I told my now very good friend Monique before leaving her event that I wanted to become a Fellow. There was simply no doubt that I was supposed to be a part. Now, there was doubt that I would be good enough. That I would be successful. That I would be of any value. And there is still that doubt. But this group of women is special. So very special. We are so different, and yet at our core, we have so much in common. It is the most encouraging, inspiring, beautiful group of women you could dream up to be your co-workers. As a Fellow, there is great flexibility on what you want your business to look like. And there is support, support, support every step of the way! And transparency. So much transparency. Liz and Ben have spent time with us in East Texas. They have chatted with us in my living room. They are the real deal y’all. Bri came to Texas just because she wanted to meet all of us Texas Fellows. She is seriously the sweetest and also so inspiring. I get to go to Portland this summer and get to meet so many of my fellow Fellows + our gals at headquarters, and I am SO EXCITED! There really isn’t much of a doubt in my mind that you would ever regret becoming a part of this group if you are feeling an urge to learn more. Ask me anything! I am an open book.