My Sole Sisters

Every Sseko purchase of $100 or more has a direct impact on my Sole Sister! You see, Sseko didn’t want to stop at matching our girls’ savings by 100%, so one very special part of the Fellows Program (I’m your Fellow) is the Sole Sister connection. Every Fellow is on the team of a Sseko Uganda woman. Every sale we make of $100 or more earns a badge for our Sole Sister. Once we reach 325 badges, our Sole Sister receives an additional scholarship (for our college-bound girls) or a bonus (for our full-time veterans). To take that even further, every time I have a woman who wants to become a part of the Sseko story by hosting a Trunk Show, the impact goes even further! Multiple smaller orders can be put together under a party to earn even more badges for my Sole Sister! What does hosting a trunk show look like? Find out here! When a Sole Sister has earned all 325 badges, her team is divided up onto new teams to continue to earn badges until all 34 of the the Sseko women have their badges! Contact me now if you’re interested in hosting. I absolutely love connecting with new women + connecting them to our Ugandan women! A very special part of a Sseko Trunk Show is the opportunity to write our Sole Sister and send her some encouragement.

Meet my Sseko Sister, Racheal!

Racheal is a soft-spoken, sweet presence. As soon as she began working with Sseko, she caught on and quickly became one of the most detail-oriented, perfectionist shoe makers. Her style has flare, which often includes bright hair and eye-catching outfits. She enjoys being with her friends and telling funny stories. She is also a mama of a beautiful 7 year old girl.

Goals and dreams for the future: Racheal has goals to help her family members and someday become a business woman.

Rachael’s very family oriented! With her bonus,* Rachael would be able to help her parents with the down payment on a home in Luwero where they live. We’re so inspired by how committed Rachael is to her family!


I started out the year with Judy as my Sole Sister! By the end of April, our team had earned Judy exactly 325 badges! I was so proud! Here’s a little about Judy…

Judy is from Gulu, the firstborn of six children. They all stay with their uncle. Her favorite foods are cabbage and potatoes, and for fun she enjoys reading and watching TV series. In her opinion, the best one is “Don’t Mess with an Angel.” Most of her friends describe her as quiet, which is sometimes a problem when others think she can’t talk! She’s looking forward to the chance to develop her conversational skills with the team at Sseko. She loves chemistry, and enjoys doing equations. She hopes to visit Entebbe airport to watch the planes take off and see where the tickets are given out. She also enjoys listening to people speak Spanish, though she doesn’t know it herself, and dreams of visiting places like Spain and Argentina. She’s inspired by Betty Nambozo, a politician from Mukono district in Uganda. Judy says, “one time I was reading about her stories in the newspapers, and she really encouraged me how she studied, how she didn’t lose hope.”

Future Plans: Judy hopes to study medicine. Since childhood, she’s dreamed of being a doctor, but as she got older she realized she also wanted to use that role to help the poor. “I feel pity for those ones,” she explains, “suffering in the hospital because there are no doctors.”