When you host a Trunk Show, you provide a space for women to learn about the Sseko story and experience Sseko products in person. Empower women in both Uganda & in the U.S. while you and your friends find your favorite Sseko style. My personal goal for every Sseko event I do is to laugh, connect, and inspire!


your community around fashion & empowerment.


with the stories of women across the globe in a personal and dignified way.


Learn the details about our products and find the style that fits your lifestyle and makes you feel beautiful and confident!


and Sseko credit! Every month there is a different Sseko product available to receive for FREE with specific party totals. Every hostess also receives Sseko credit as soon as the party reaches $300. The value of the credit increases as the party total increases!

This Season’s Hostess Gifts


What is the process of holding a Trunk Show?

Let me know you’re interested in hosting! Comment here, send an email, or message me on social media! We’ll pick a date, then get to planning. You’ll provide the space, invite your friends and community to come and hear about Sseko and browse the beautiful products. I will do the grunt work in bringing all the goods, and I’ll give your crew an overview of all things Sseko. From there on out, your job is just to have fun!

How do I host an online party?

I will create a Facebook event that you can invite your friends and community to. Sseko Facebook parties usually last for about an hour, and are a ton of fun! I will take care of all the posts and your role is to be active and engaged in the party – commenting, liking, and tagging friends! I’ll also create a hostess coaching group beforehand so you know what to expect and have all the information you need to have a fabulous party!

What incentives are there for Hostesses?

Hostesses receive the following percentage of sales in Sseko Credit, as well as additional goal-based gifts!

What is a trunk show like?

Sseko Trunk Shows create a space filled with beautiful stories of empowerment and hope and some quality hand-crafted products! You can expect to hear stories of our women, have some yummy food, and spend time with women you love! You set the stage with me to provide a space where women walk away from the night inspired and energized – knowing they have a few more sisters who have their back.

How much product will you bring?

It depends! I have a very large stash of Sseko product at the beginning of each season. As the season progresses, some of this stock is sold. I will always have each sandal size and/or a sizing template. I also have leather and fabric swatches to show you what our bags and apparel patterns are like even if I do not have the actual product. If there is something in particular you want to be sure we have, just let me know! If I don’t have the product, my seasonal catalogs will help your community to visualize the product.

How do guests receive product?

We can place orders directly with each party guest through an order form or order right from the website. We can also do group orders to save on shipping! Products ship quickly as long as they are in stock from our warehouse in Missouri.

If I live outside the U.S., can I be a Hostess?

Currently our Fellows Program is only available to those residing in the U.S which means that our Hostess opportunity is only available to those residing in the U.S. We hope that someday we’ll be able to roll out the program global scale!

Party Theme Ideas!

Some hostesses enjoy choosing a theme for their Sseko Events. Here’s a few ideas to inspire you. Always feel free to suggest your own!

Build Your Brave Story

This type of event focuses on our Brave Jewelry Collection. I will share my personal story using my Brave pieces (and the hostess can do the same!). We showcase the pieces and the meaning behind each one. Every lady chooses her pieces and decides on her jewelry, building her story or one to gift. This is a party that inspires and creates connection between your community.

Pampering with a Purpose: Sseko Spa Soiree

This party can look a few different ways, but basically it’s about pampering! Think foot soaks, pedicures, essential oils…You can make them at the party to take home, do foot soaks together, have treats and drinks…this party focuses on fun and spoiling your community!

Custom Sandal Party

This party is all about designing sandals together! We focus on sandal types, styles, colors, and get creative with different designs! This party is all about helping your community design a pair of sandals they will love for years to come. And…we now have ribbon sandals for girls and babies! Your sweet daughters can join in, making this a Mommy and Me Event that will be so special for them!

I also made a short and very informal video about Hosting! Check it out!