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Sseko Ribbon Sandals are what started it all 9 years ago! The Sseko Ribbon Sandals have genuine leather soles, real rubber outsoles for lasting durability, and a 1-inch layer of foam cushioning for all day support. With every Sseko Ribbon Sandal purchase, you receive one pair of interchangeable Black Cotton Ribbons. You need these sandals. Really. I would not advertise them if I didn’t believe you would love them! So comfortable, versatile, and durable. Ask me more, or shop away!




Our Leather Bag Collection is seriously drool-worthy! Beautiful, handmade, high-quality leather bags made by our women in Uganda and artisan partners in Kenya and Ethiopia, perfect for everyday and travel. Many of our Sseko Leather Bags are heirloom pieces that get even more beautiful with time. We also have a new canvas bag each season, so be sure to check them out too! I love the Crossbody bags as a mama with 3 kids! Anything that helps me be hands-free is an essential! Shop here: Sseko Leather Bags










Ahhhh! Sseko Jewelry! Something new every season. Spring 2016 is so me, and I wish I could buy it all! This beautiful Rose Quartz was the inspiration for the Sahara Sunrise collection. What I love about Sseko is every part has a story behind, and our jewelry narratives written by Liz give even deeper meaning to each piece. Each seasonal collection is only available while supplies last, so if you see something online, it won’t last forever! Our Brave Jewelry Collection is here to stay and perfect for gifting. Shop all Sseko Jewelry here: Sseko Accessories