Who Will They Become?

When I became a Sseko Fellow, I simply wanted to become a part of something bigger than myself, to pursue something that I could be passionate about while making an income.
It has grown into so much more than that.
I am a mom of three. Everyday my children are learning from me—the good and the bad. They watch. They listen. They emulate. They know what Sseko means, what we do, and why. My 5 year old son randomly asks people all the time, “Have you ever heard of Sseko?” He also wants to be a “Sseko Boy” and get his own pair of sandals one day! My 6 year old daughter loves our products and used money from her piggy bank to purchase her very own bandana this month! She tries to wear it everyday now! I was THRILLED to tell her we could finally order her very own pair of sandals this month. Mommy and me matching is one of her favorite things! And my two year old son will never know life without Sseko.
One day, my entire family will go to Uganda together. They will meet these women and hopefully be inspired to be change-makers themselves.
I have been gifted three little hearts to love and guide, and I’m beyond proud to show them that great change can happen when people come together, dream big, and continue to persist against the odds.
Children do not stay children forever. They will grow into adults, and I am hopeful my children will become adults who stand for justice, equality, and empowerment, adults who believe in themselves and see the best in everyone around them, adults who see the gap between what is and what could be and choose to stand in it.

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