Business versus Charity

Why is Sseko Designs a business?

The concept that you can buy a beautiful, on-trend fashion piece that has a big impact in this world is still a bit foreign to us.

I get asked at many parties, “What percentage of this sale is going towards the women?” This is an example of the charity mindset. If I were doing a fundraiser where I sell something to raise money, a percentage of every sale would definitely be going towards the person or group the fundraiser was for.

But Sseko Designs is NOT a giant fundraiser for our Ugandan women.

We are a business.

My Ugandan Ssisters are my co-workers. They make our products, and we share them with our communities here in the USA. They are TALENTED  They work full-time, training, learning new techniques, perfecting each item, etc. They are proud of their work, and the more we sell, the more our business grows. Our women are paid like many Americans with a full-time job. They receive benefits like health insurance and maternity leave. This is far from the norm in Ugandan, but it SHOULD BE.

The university bound women leave our program with a passion to change the way their communities see them. It is the overwhelming view in Uganda that women are for child-bearing and caring for the family. They cannot work because they are not capable of work. They are not useful, valuable, or worthy, especially in comparison to a man.

We are proving this wrong.

We believe through our growth, other companies in Uganda will see the value women have, how capable they are, and how a business can thrive when it cares for its employees well. There is change happening in Uganda. And Sseko is a huge part of that change. I would love to have you see the immense value of purchasing a Sseko bag rather than a Target bag. Sseko Sandals rather than a pair from Old Navy. Because yes, our price tags might be higher than you normally spend, but it’s because of fair wages, dignified work, and the dream of changing a country. Also, they ARE going to last at least 5x longer (and that’s a conservative estimate).

Also ladies…

Our products are seriously amazing.

Give us a try. Join hands with us. We are world-changers, big dreamers, and will continue to persist.


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