Winter 10×10 Capsule!

I honestly had no idea this challenge was happening till the day it began! That meant a scramble in the midst of an already full evening to get laundry done and a photo taken before I had to get to an event. Today I planned everything out in more detail. I also decided to do the challenge with my daughter! When I planned her fall wardrobe, I was more purposeful than I have been in the past, choosing items for her that were interchangeable and more of a capsule collection than I’ve ever thought to do before, so it really wasn’t difficult to decide on her items. She’s an uber girly girl (all things pink and sparkly, hates jeans!). My minimalist and ethical fashion journey began for me when I joined Sseko in 2016, so I am still fairly new to this world. I loved discovering how many choices I had that would actually work!

If you do not already know, I am an Impact Entrepreneur with Sseko Designs. It’s direct sales with HUGE impact in East Africa. What I love about Sseko is our versatility. So many things we produce can be worn 2 ways or more! If I had our new Shift Dress in black, it would have definitely been a part of this collection (launching Monday!!! Eek!). You can wear it backwards with scoop neck, front with a deep V or low V with a high low look on the bottom. I do have our Duster in Pink Swirl (also available Monday! Follow me to receive the link to shop!) which I LOVE. Our Multiway shawl can literally be worn at least 5 ways, and more depending on how creative you want to be! But I decided not to include mine this time around, mostly because I love the Duster! The MWS will also be available in Pink Swirl.

Here are my 10 picks for my Winter Capsule!

1. Sseko Duster in Pink Swirl (handmade in Uganda!)

2. Cream Sweater from Stitch Fix (3 years ago?)

3. Chambray Button Down from ON (had it for years without wearing because I couldn’t get the pockets to stay down! Solved that problem last week!)

4. Tuesday Dress in Dusty Pink from Krochet Kids

5. Striped Top from Loft

6. Cream Sweater Cardigan I’ve had for years! Not sure where I got it from now.

7. Black PACT Top

8. Skinny Jeans from Loft

9. Boots I’ve had for YEARS from Target maybe? Adelisa and Co. pair are in the mail!!!

10. Sseko Accent Rues (because I can change out my accents + it’s 65 degrees today!)

My daughter’s Capsule includes…

1. Chambray Dress, bought secondhand

2. Owl Sweater purchased from local consignment

3. Grey Ruffled Sweater from Target

4. Pink Floral purchased from Once Upon a Child (love it soooo much!)

5. Grey Heart Cardigan given to us by a friend I think!

6. Kindness T-Shirt from The Kind Project

7. Denim Skirt bought seconhand

8. Pink Plaid Skirt from Crazy 8 (emergency purchase for school function!)

9. Adelisa & Co. Mary Janes

10. Pink Sneakers from Osh Kosh she received for Christmas

She also will will wear her knee highs from Violet Pedals Apparel, tights, and shorts under her skirts. I didn’t count those in her 10 because we don’t count socks, right?!

A note about my necklace from today, it’s our Sseko Suede Brave necklace  Our charms are interchangeable, so it’s the perfect addition for a minimalist’s jewelry collection. These along with the rest of our Brave Jewelry are available through yours truly! Just click “shop now”!

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