On Being Rooted

Welcome to January 15th 2018!

How has your year started off? In all honesty, I usually HATE January. I attribute a lot of it to the weather. Cold, grey, no holidays to look forward to…I’ve had some tough Januaries emotionally!
This year, I was so encouraged by a weekend-long retreat I had with my beautiful company that was full of encouragement, practical guidance and resources, and bonding.
On the last day, we were asked to each stand and declare our vision for our future (3 years, 5 years, 30 years). And then after standing and declaring, the other women had the opportunity to say why the woman standing was uniquely suited to bring that vision to life. Y’ALL. Talk about powerful. This needs to be a weekly thing I challenge you to do eventually…but that’s another post for another day!
Today I want to highlight one of the seven principles of leadership we learned about during this beautiful weekend. These principles can be applied across the board–any position of leadership, whether career, community, in your family–it can apply! If you have influence over anyone in your life, YOU ARE A LEADER.

Principle #1: Rooted-The deeper the roots, the bigger the blooms.

She has a strong sense of self. She is rooted in her community and in her identity of

inherent worthiness. She is able to keep her insecurities out of the driver’s seat and

this gives her the freedom to fail and ultimately the freedom to achieve greater

success as she becomes fully who she was created to be.

If you have read Brene Brown’s Braving the Wilderness, her concept of “True Belonging” is very similar, “Once we belong thoroughly to ourselves and believe thoroughly in ourselves, true belonging is ours. Belonging to ourselves means being called to stand alone–to brave the wilderness of uncertainty, vulnerability, and criticism” (page 32).

Belonging to a community is so important. Finding people you can do life with, soul search with, walk through the mountains and valleys of life with is an integral part of flourishing in this life. I firmly believe we were created with an innate yearning for community!

But while community is important and should be cultivated, your community is not going to get you through the toughest battles with yourself. If we are forever talking down to ourselves, degrading ourselves, letting insecurity lead, we will doubt our friendships, struggle to lead authentically,

“Do I belong to myself?”

As an influencer, you are in a position to encourage, empower, and inspire those you are leading. You cannot do this 100% authentically until you have some level of rootedness. Will we embody this perfectly? No! But perfection is not our goal.

Liz provided a very real example of this in Sseko’s FB Live yesterday (where she actually describes the first two principles in detail!). This scenario is very real to life to me, and I have often been very aware of…well, let me describe it first!

Imagine a mom, looking in the mirror, critiquing her body, wishing she was bigger here, smaller there…her daughter watches, then asks, “Mommy, how do I look?” The mother responds with, “You are beautiful! Perfect just the way you are!” How difficult will it be for this little girl to grow up believing this to be true? Impossible!

The people you lead need authenticity. To encourage them to believe in themselves, to pursue big goals, big dreams, we need to model that belief in ourselves. If we do not believe ourselves to be worthy of the work, we will always struggle to help others believe they are. Make sense?

Weekly Challenge (I’m doing this alongside you!):

1). Talk to yourself OUT LOUD the way you would talk to your 7 year old self. If it’s too hard to say out loud immediately, write it down and then read it to yourself. To take it a step further, do it while looking at yourself in the mirror. Make eye contact and hold it.

2). Tell me about it!

“Love yourself deeply enough that your bones do not shatter when someone doesn’t care to see them.” -Kayley Vandenberg

That’s all. Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

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