Insecurity is Part of My Story

I’ve struggled with intense insecurity my entire life. It continues to be a part of my story, and rather than push it down or ignore it, I’ve decided to make it part of my “why”. How many of us constantly have a voice within telling us no one cares, we’re never enough, we will always fail? It’s time to realize that while this voice may never go away, we can fight it with boldness and bravery, standing firm in truth, and confidently hold tight to the bonds of sisterhood, where there is freedom an support. As I actively pursue the career of an impact entrepreneur, I want to build friendships, have meaningful conversations, and help other women like me battle this monster that threatens to control and take captive this precious life we’ve been given.

Where are you at in everyday self-confidence? Does the voice echo in the back of your mind throughout your days? Does it effect your mood, your emotions, your belief in yourself? Have you found anything to be effective in this battle?

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