Show Me Your Kindness

I am overwhelmed. Overwhelmed in a magnificent way. Overwhelmed in an ordinary way. Overwhelmed in a have-faith-and trust-kinda-way. Overwhelmed in an overwhelming way.

I feel like I am on the brink of something amazing. My heart is racing at the possibility of this new horizon, of living for something bigger, of being a part of something bigger, something that I once imagined but have long forgotten.

Real hope. Real change. Real impact.

I see dreams uniting for a common purpose, to transform the way a country cares for their own and sees their own, and to ignite the passion in people here at home for this people group overseas.

I have learned so much about a country that I honestly had never thought of much at all before last fall.

I have learned that sex trafficking is not always seen as wrong. I have learned that if a family needs money for their son to go to school, they may sell their daughter. I have learned that women are not seen as valuable, but as less than. From my work with Sseko, I know that even when young women are selected to attend a high school for the best and  brightest, the number of them that are able to get to college after graduating is far below their male counterparts. Men dominate the workforce, jobs are next to impossible to find, and support systems often become non-existent.

When the president of Uganda visited our Sseko workshop in Kampala, he was shocked to find that the largest shoe manufacturer in his country was ran by women. He was amazed that the quality of their work was so good, that women could be this talented. Because this is not the norm.

It’s amazing to hear Liz’s story of spending day after day at this high school, getting to know the leaders of the school, understanding the true needs of the young women, and dreaming of bridging this gap between high school and university. Her dream has become a reality, and gone even further to provide employment for vulnerable women.

Now we have the opportunity to dream with her and contribute to making real change happen!

The purpose of my summer mission trip to Uganda includes working towards empowering and educating women so that they can find stable employment or begin their own businesses in Kyotera.

Meet Jimmy and Jennifer Clark.

Jennifer and Jimmy have put this trip together. I got word today that are there are now 8 of us going now! We will primarily be working with Calidiality Ministry International and The Suubi Project.

In 2008, Jennifer first felt called to Africa. After several trips, God gave her very clear direction towards and passion for the women of Uganda.

In 2015, Jennifer discovered Pastor Ronald, and through conversation, their visions for the women of Uganda were united.

So they began to pray and plan. In January 2017, this plan became a reality as Pastor Ronald introduced The Suubi Project.

Suubi means Hope in the Luganda language.

Fifty-four women from surrounding villages and communities chose to participate. For 6 months, the women are discipled, taught a vocational skill, educated in finance, and then will be eligible for micro-loans (Jennifer will be using her Sseko commission to finance these loans-isn’t that amazing?!). A piece of property and two buildings have been purchased for a full-time workshop for the women. It will be called House of Hope, the words God gave her back in 2014.

So how does Sseko fit with my trip to Uganda?  One purpose of our trip will be to gather information and continue the development of The Suubi Project by visiting Watoto Living Hope in Gulu and Kampala, the Sseko Workshop in Kampala, and meeting with the founder of Willow International in Kampala. These programs/ministries are currently rescuing, restoring, and empowering women to overcome the obstacles and tragedies that have been thrown their way, giving them tangible hope and the chance to pursue their dreams.

The Suubi Project will be partnering with Willow International as they create and implement a new curriculum to educate others on sex trafficking in Uganda.

Sseko has a beautiful connection with Willow.

And new partnerships are continuing to be born, things that are clearly from the Lord and that I cannot wait to tell you about. Threads of connection, of common purpose, weaving us together to form a beautiful tapestry of hope and change.

Now meet Pastor Ronald and his wife, Jackie (and their children!)

I met Pastor Ronald through Facetime a little over a week ago. He shared with our team the story of becoming a pastor, the creation of Calidality Ministries Internationaltheir school, and the needs they are currently facing.

The mission of Calidality is to transform the community of Kyotera by meeting their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs through evangelism, training leaders, couples and children, and providing care and support to anyone in need.  In the Rakai District, where Kyotera is located, is where Aids originated.  As a result, you will find many orphans and vulnerable women and children.

God called Pastor Ronald to begin this ministry in 2007. It was soon after this that he lost both of his sisters. Together, they left behind 17 children that he and Jackie decided to take in and care for. From this experience, the plan for a school emerged. In a community of 700-1,200 orphans and vulnerable children, they now have 301 children attending on a regular basis and have outgrown their building. A new plan has been drawn up, but the financial need is quite large to begin construction. The government gave Pastor Ronald 6 months to get the ground floor completed and transfer the school to the new building. If this doesn’t happen by September, the school will be shut down. Two of the photos below show the plans that have been constructed for the school. Their dream is to have a campus which accommodates over 1000 children!

Here are the current tangible needs we have for Calidality Ministry:
  • For the first floor of the school, we need $90,311.00. This is a time-sensitive need.
These items for the children must be purchased in Uganda, so monetary donations are needed for the following:
  • 301 pair of shoes for students @ $15.00 a pair= $4,515.00
  • 301 pairs of socks for students @ $1.00 a pair= $301.00
  • 60 Bibles in the Luganda language to be given to the ladies at Graduation @ $15.00 = $900.00
  • Total cash donations needed=$5,716.00
We are gathering the following supplies and taking donations for the Mama Kits and HIV/Aids Clinic:
  • Gloves
  • Trash bags
  • Cotton/Gauze pads (lg)
  • Scalpel
  • Bars of soap (hotel size)
  • Chux pads
  • Receiving baby blankets
  • Umbilical Cord Clamps
  • New or gently used (no stains) newborn onesie or gown
  • Bulb syringes
  • Cloth diapers
  • 331 Drawstring Backpacks.
Calidality also offers the opportunity to sponsor a child for $35 a month. I will be updating each child’s sponsorship photos and information during our time in Kyotera. I will also have the opportunity to write out the curriculum to teach the children while we are there.
You can make donations or sign-up to be a sponsor through the website, Donations are best made through check, made out to CMI. Ask me for more info if you are interested in making a monetary donation!
My total trip need is $3500. The down payment of $500 was made last month, provided by my Sseko commission (woo-hoo!).
  • April 25th: $1000 due
  • May 15th: $2000 due.

    Almost 100% of photography sessions will be going towards these needs. The weather is beautiful in East Texas this time of year, so spring sessions are so much fun! You can also host a Sseko party and get free Sseko for yourself, plus impact our amazing women in Kampala. If you really want to support me but would rather not do either of those options, you can also give a direct donation through check (Kara Jenkins, ‘mission trip’ in memo) or Paypal (, ‘Send money to family and friends’).

    There is no doubt in me that God will provide for all of these needs and more. I trust Him to provide for Calidality, for The Suubi Project, for the Mama Kits, for our bills, and for my trip funding. He will make a way!

    I entitled this Show Me Your Kindness to remind me to look back through these days of packed schedules, working long hours, and constant striving to see his kindness, his grace, sprinkled throughout this time through words of encouragement, prayers of friends and family, and unexpected blessings.

    If you’re still here, thank you for reading! I appreciate your support so much. I pray you see Him through me. Thank you, truly <3

    These are some of the women who are currently a part of The Suubi Project <3

    Calidality Christian School kiddos!


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