Momtering Workshop {Tyler, TX 2016}



The Momtering Workshop ($100) is for anyone who wants to master manual mode on their DSLR camera in order to capture the everyday moments of life!

**Only TWO Requirements:

  • a DSLR camera
  • you are NOT currently running a business or plan to run a business in the near future

The beginning of the Momtering Workshop will include going through a few images YOU have already taken and writing down your settings. Please have 3-5 photos on your camera for us to review (and email them to me prior to the class). After the initial teaching section of the course, we will re-visit those settings and see how you could have improved your shot. Then we start to shoot. I will change all of your settings and it will be up to you to adjust your settings to achieve proper exposure and white balance.

This session will run approximately 4  hours (depending on the class size) in where we will cover the following:

1) Mastering the exposure triangle: ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed.

2) Composition and depth of field (achieving the “blurry” background)

3.) Understanding the different focusing systems your camera has and how to utilize them depending on what you are shooting

4.) Indoor and outdoor lighting techniques

5.) How to use your lenses and understanding focal lengths.

6.) Learn to interact with your child to get those natural smiles.

At the end of the Workshop….

… you WILL be shooting confidently in Manual mode

… you WILL fall in love with capturing the everyday

…you WILL be know how to chase the light in any shooting situation

To reserve your spot – Please email Kara at


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