Why Choose Kara Delaine Photography {Tyler, TX Family Photographer}


As my East Texas dwellers are beginning to look at my work as perspective clients, you might be taken aback by my prices, depending on who you have chosen in the past to capture your family. Will I be lowering my prices? Unfortunately, I can’t. However, I will be offering a special for anyone who books in March! More details for that below.

Why should you invest $300-$400 in one session? What do you get from Kara Delaine Photography that you may not get from another photographer?

1). Quality. I have been fine-tuning my skill since 2012. I have grown by leaps and bounds compared to my first year of photography. I have saved and invested in quality equipment and editing software in order to give you images that can be printed as large as you can dream without losing any quality. This should be a no-brainer when hiring a photographer, but many who do have lower prices have not had the opportunity to invest in equipment that is actually professional. This means they may lack crisp/clear images, depth of field (background blur), the ability to shoot in lower light while maintaining quality, and fast focus for active children (a must for family photography!). Along with my shooting equipment, I have also invested in Photoshop editing software and have become skilled in all types of editing techniques. A photographer’s goal is to always get the image as perfect as possible in camera, however, sometimes this is simply not possible with families. One child is loving life and having fun while the other is crying in one frame, and then vice versa in the next! It definitely happens, and thankfully I can do some photo manipulation to get you the best image possible. I have also have fine-tuned my editing style, and while it will probably still change a tad each year, I know more of who I want to be as a photographer, and you can see in that in my most recent work.

2). Fun. As a mom of 3 and a children and family ministry major, I LOVE children. I love interacting with them on their level, entering into their worlds. Getting the children into the session means the parents can relax and have fun too. My goal is for you to enjoy your session, to make real memories, to laugh, to love, and to be you. My main clientele in Louisville have been families with children 7 and under, with a big emphasis on families with toddlers. Two can be a hard age! But it doesn’t mean a fun family session is impossible. I have tricks up my sleeve to ensure that your session will be amazing!

3). Art. Another goal I have for every session is to give you photos that truly display beauty. The beauty of your family, your emotions, infused with light and a beautiful background. I have learned a lot over the years, even over the last months! Specifically, I have decided on being more firm on when and where I photograph your family. You will always have a say, but in order to capture a truly beautiful moment, you must trust my judgement and my vision. In order to fully prepare for both of our hopes and expectations, I have you fill out a questionnaire and discuss it in detail over the phone. If you are signing up for a year of sessions, you will also have the option to get to know me in person (and I your family) so you feel completely comfortable with me. I will be spending time scoping out locations, seeing how the light hits the trees and how it will hit you, and will base my recommendations on these very important aspects of creating not only a family portrait, but art.

4). My investment. I am invested in you and in capturing the best moments possible of your family. This means every session will be at least an hour, and I will shoot up to 2 hours if your family needs the extra time. After the session, when you receive your online gallery, you have the choice to choose 10 photos or purchase the entire gallery. This is up to you. No matter what, you will have the promise of my time investment along with the time it takes me to edit your photos. You may fall in love with every photo (my hope!) and want to purchase the entire gallery without question. Or, you may only love a few and choose the option to purchase 10. No matter what you choose, every client has the same investment from me every time.

5). Quick Turnaround. Most of my clients receive their online gallery within a week after their session. Sometimes, it is as soon as 3-5 days, but never longer than 2 weeks. And I can also guarantee a few sneak peaks of my favorite moments to reassure you that your session went better that you even expected. I have been there, eagerly waiting, thinking the photos are probably all awful, worrying, anticipating, waiting, waiting, waiting…It’s not fun! You will never have to endure a month of waiting with Kara Delaine Photography.

I cannot wait to have a longer shooting year in Texas! More warm months, earlier blooms, more late summer evenings…I am beyond excited! I am also excited to meet you and your families! Give me a chance, and I know you won’t be disappointed. A great photographer is an investment, so save, invest, and receive not only family photos, but moments of beauty, moments of real emotion, to display and treasure always.



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  1. Amy McKay December 4, 2016 at 5:11 am

    We are thinking about having some family photos done and were wondering about your packages and prices?

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