Kara Delaine Photography is coming to Texas!

It looks like Kara Delaine Photography will be moving to East Texas (Tyler) in March…as in next month! We were not planning on such a quick transition, so here is the long version of our story…

My husband graduated from seminary December 2014. He has been applying for jobs regularly since then. We have had several where he was in the top 2 to 3 candidates. A couple where he was the only candidate and still was not chosen. It’s been a very difficult journey at points, especially when everything seems to be pointing to God’s perfect orchestration of a certain job (circumstances that led up to us discovering the job, the type of position, the location, him being the only candidate), only to have it fall through for reasons that do not make sense to us or our closest friends. When we had 2 deaths back to back last summer of family members in Texas, it made me confused and angry. Why hadn’t God provided a position closer to family so we could really be there? The heart pain was overwhelming for me. At that point, we began to discussing an idea a pastor friend had suggested to us. Move to where you feel called. Get involved in a solid church knowing God could open up a future position. We can apply from jobs from anywhere, so even if God has a different ultimate location in mind, we can continue to apply from Texas and  be closer to our families. We found out there was an Acts 29 church plant in Tyler, TX. Acts 29 is very similar to the Sojourn Network, which is where we are now in Louisville. We knew this church would reflect our theology. Crockett contacted them, and it turned out, they were looking for a pastor. This was not displayed anywhere on their website. It had been a very recent development. Being a head pastor hasn’t seemed possible to us because of how impossible it had been to get any position at a church. But how could he not apply when it again seemed like God’s sovereignty was written all over it?

Over Christmas, Crockett had the opportunity to visit the church and talk to the elders. The rest of us were too exhausted by that point, and 4 more hours in the car was not appealing. It also happened to be the day the tornadoes came to other parts of Texas-lots of rain and general ickiness. While he was there, he felt the clearest calling he has yet. He knew he definitely wanted to apply, and even if we don’t get it, he feels this church is where we are supposed to be. It’s a small plant of about 80 people that currently meet in a ballet studio. It reminds us a lot of Sojourn’s beginning. We know there is a lot of potential for future growth and a potential position for him even if the pastor position is offered to someone else.

So, this led to our decision to put our condo up for sale. Our friends attempted to sell theirs last year, and it didn’t work out. Another family who had gutted one and renovated it top to bottom took months to sell. We really wanted to be  moved before the new school year for T’s sake (kindergarten), so my goal was to get all of our projects done by mid-January and get it on the market, hoping we could get it sold within 3-4 months (though honestly we were doubtful if it would sell at all).

Why are the condos so difficult to sell? They are not FHA approved. They lost approval right before we purchased ours. We were lied to a bit about the situation and thought it would be a simple fix. It wasn’t, and now that Crockett is on the board, we know all the depressing details about the financial state of the association. Long story, but because of our awesome and dedicated friend who became president, things have been improving and there is a small amount of hope for the future of this place.

We contacted our agent who helped us buy, and she was more than ready to begin. We found out that one condo that had been for sale in 2012 when we had bought ours had finally sold (they took it off the market for a time in between then and now). It took them 3 months, and it was for $15,000ish less than their original asking price, but it did sell. We hadn’t even looked at it then because we needed something less expensive-compared to our place, that one was a palace. A lot of work has happened in the last 3 years to transform the disgustingness it was when we moved in!

This was very encouraging to us. The price it sold for was the price we bought ours for, so we were hopeful for a comparable offer. Our agent came over on a Sunday. Her team met on Wednesday, it was up on the site on Thursday. We had 2 showings on Friday, an immediate offer that evening. We countered on Saturday, and it was accepted on Sunday evening after a 2nd showing that afternoon. Whew. We had inspection Thursday and the appraisal is scheduled for Monday. We have no idea how inspection went yet, though we should hear about it today. But can you believe that?? We have our doubts about their loan getting approved. The amount they want to put down is rather small, and for a conventional loan, this isn’t the best idea. However, our agent told me Thursday morning that she has had 3 other inquiries and 1 is a cash buyer. Very encouraging news!

What has this meant to us? That we are taking the right step. These are so hard to sell, and yet within a week, we had an offer accepted on both sides, an inspection, and an appraisal date. ONE WEEK. Crazy God thing. Our prayer now is that first, the inspection went well and whatever he found wrong would be simple to fix. Second, that they would get approved for their loan. It’s the biggest hurdle. Third, we could figure out a good plan of action for moving 12 hours with 2 vehicles and a moving truck…oh, and 3 kids and a cat. Someone could take the cat. That would be amazing. Oh yes, and fourth, a JOB. A good job for my hubs. This church job would be awesome and amazing and unbelievable. We don’t have our hopes up because of the disappointment we’ve had…it would definitely again confirm God’s ability to make the impossible possible. A home would be next on the prayer list…though I would love to find the perfect home for us before we move, it seems more likely that we will rent for awhile before deciding on a neighborhood.

In the midst of all the fixing, cleaning, and phone calls, I have been working on getting Tessa applied to a school, taking care of one boy with a stomach bug, one boy with the other side issues, and a girl with terrible drainage and a cough. And taxes!!!! Have to get those done ASAP. Oh, and my swollen and painful leg situation. I had an MRI yesterday. Did you know those things are expensive?! I have been so discouraged about money since we found out how much we would need pay plus my PT bill from last year that we have to receive officially-the total was so much more than I expected. My hubs is turning 30 tomorrow, and my birthday gift surprise seemed out the window. He has been wanting this particular gift for 2 years now! I was bummed. And then on our way to the MRI last night, he informs me he randomly received a bonus at work. A bonus that covered more than half of the MRI. This has been such a significant month of our lives where God’s presence and sovereignty have been so apparent. We know he is always here, in control of all, but when you can see it in every detail, it’s truly amazing and so encouraging after such a long period of questions.

So here we are! All that to say Kara Delaine Photography will be moving to East Texas! It’s exciting, but it’s definitely scary to have to build a brand-new client base! I will miss all of you here so much. You have supported by business, inspired my work, and encouraged me on a regular basis. Getting to know you and your children is the best part of my business, and I will miss it so much! If you do want to book a session before we leave, do it now! I am fairly open this month, so shoot me an email, and we can get something set up! Here are a few snapshots of what’s been going on in our household these winter days =) I should have placed our before and after photos here, but my family is eager to go get some errands done this morning, and they are waiting for me to finish! Next time…

December 8, 2015

I have not been a great snow mom this year…last ruined me for winter!

January 11, 2016

January 12th

January 25th

January 29th =) “While Mommy was taking pictures for the listing, I helped by climbing in the laundry basket and throwing all the clothes out!”

He loves climbing under and in everything!


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  1. Keisha February 6, 2016 at 4:40 pm

    I am bawling like a baby!!!! 🙂 #1- Cuz our God is TRULY an amazingly AWESOME gracious WONDERFUL GOD THAT DOES ANSWER PRAYERS & open doors!!! #2- My beautiful amazing daughter, son n law & grandbabies are MOVING BACK HOME FINALLY AFTER MANY, MANY sleepless nights crying, begging God to PLEASE provide a way to have them closer to home!!!! #3- Just reading about this incredible, stressful, difficult yet joyful journey my babies have endured makes me extremely PROUD of the FAITHFUL Christians they are & that Kara shares this so beautifully with all og us!! God is always GOOD…have FAITH & TRUST HIM!!!!!! 🙂 ♡ 🙂

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