Welcome Baby H! {Louisville Birth Photographer}

We were hoping this sweet mama would go into labor on her own, but as her due date got closer it seemed induction was going to be necessary. Having just witnessed an amazing induction at 38 weeks with my sister, I had high hopes that everything would go smoothly! I arrived around 9am, after mom and dad had been there for a couple of hours. Pitocin was going and mama was still feeling good, so we got some sweet shots of them waiting together. After her water was broken, strong contractions came quickly! We knew from her last labor and delivery that progression happened fast…after a couple of scares occurred that were thankfully put to rest, by about noon, it was time to push! She was strong and persevering, and baby H joined us at around 1:30pm!

I love birth sessions! Those first breaths are priceless moments this family now has documented forever.  And one of my favorites parts of their story was watching this husband really take care of his wife. His love for her was so evident in every moment, and the joy that overflowed from both of them when they saw baby H for the first time was beautiful. This was an amazing experience, and I am so thankful to have been a part of their story. Thank you both for choosing me!

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