What to Wear: FALL!

Who is ready for changing colors and cooler weather? I might not be quite as excited about fall as I usually am this time of year…

I do love everything about it except what it points to…winter! Last year’s LONG winter is still fresh in my mind. It just isn’t fair that winter begins in November and last through April with no big holidays after Christmas to brighten my mood. Thanksgiving should really be in February. Can we start a petition?? Two big holidays back to back should have been thought through a little more. A bit hope in the midst of the gloom would be nice! Valentine’s Day and St. Patty’s Day don’t give me much joy =|

All that to say, fall IS approaching, and we can embrace it’s beauty even if we are dreading the winter!

So here is a little post about some color schemes I love for fall family sessions. Please keep in mind where you are hoping to display your photos! Your goal is for the color scheme of your wardrobe to compliment the color scheme of you home. A few other tips: Do not be “matchy-matchy”, do not feel like you need to do Christmas colors, and do not be too dark and dreary.

My rule of thumb is to choose 2 or 3 colors and then dress everyone accordingly.

Yes, you CAN mix prints, and layering always works!

Since PINTEREST is an amazing resource for everything under the sun, I am not going to repost a ton of idea here. Instead, follow this link to my What to Wear for Fall Photos and enjoy a sweet family session from last year!

Happy planning!

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