Self Portrait

I see me in her.

I see me in her silly smile, her funny facial expressions, the way she talks with her eyebrows.

I see me in her demeanor, her shyness, her insecurity.

I see me in her fits, in her selfishness, in her anger.

In her, I see me. Sometimes it’s easy to want to change her so she is not like me. I don’t want her to stand back, to miss out, to be afraid.

I do not want her to have an overflow of temper that erupts like a volcano when she is overwhelmed.

I do not want her to be insecure in who she is, to compare herself to everyone around her, to belittle herself, to be her own worst critic.

But their is beauty in the faults of mine that she has inherited. I know parts of her soul better than anyone in this world can ever know.

Instead of trying to change her, to define who I think she should be, trying to make all of my negative attributes disappear…I hope to embrace who she is, every part that is me, every part that is her.

I want to recognize everyday that God has made her perfectly. She is His creation.

Embracing her means embracing myself and realizing those truths when I look in the mirror.

I struggle with who I am versus who I wish I was. We can all grow, and I know that I still have a ways to go.

But there are parts of myself that are simply me. Parts that I need to accept and be okay with. The awkward parts. The insecure parts. Those parts may never change.

Embracing her. Embracing the me in her. Embracing me.

I daily hope to give her confidence through my words. I hope she knows she is beautiful. She is smart. She is courageous. She is strong. She is cherished.

I want to tell her that out loud every day. And perhaps this will give her something I didn’t have…so that when she grows into a young woman, she will truly believe it.


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