My Birth Story Part II: The Drama

After Haddon was born, we had some alone time as a family for an hour or more before they weighed him or moved him to a new room. I loved this time with Josiah and had been looking forward to it with Haddon. After an hour or so, my nurse, Molly, came to weigh the baby and get us prepped to be moved. Crockett had not held him at that point, so after she swaddled him up, she passed him to Crockett. I wanted to get a picture, so I sat up in bed to get it. I felt a little woozy, but was able to get a few pictures. Then Crockett requested for a shot on his phone…as I reached to get it, the nausea hit me hard. Molly noticed right away, and brought me a bag. As I was vomiting, I felt the blood clots. Big ones. Molly was concerned. She gave me medication to help the bleeding and decided to wait another hour before I was moved to make sure the bleeding had stopped.

Fast forward a few hours later in my new room. It was time to try a walk to the bathroom. I sat up on the bed and slowly began to stand with Crockett on one side and my nurse on the other. I began to feel nauseous and dizzy immediately. And I told them so.

Then I felt my mind just go off into a daydream…I knew I wasn’t asleep, but it was an odd out of body experience. And a very random daydream about a stranger.

Then I felt something hit my leg and heard myself say, “Ow!” I opened my eyes and was laying on the bed with my nurse and Crockett looking over me. She asked me if I knew where I was. I thought this was an odd question. It was then that I found out I had passed out. I’ve never passed out before, so I actually thought it was an interesting experience and wasn’t frightened by it. I trusted the doctor and my nurses to take care of me.

On the other hand, my husband was thoroughly freaked out. He said my eyes were open and I had been shaking when I fell back onto the bed. I can imagine that would be very scary to witness. Total, it was about 15 seconds, but for him, it felt much longer.

They decided to test my hemoglobin levels at this point. While we were waiting to get those results back, I did try just sitting up again with assistance, but the dizziness was still there, so back down I went. The third attempt, which was a few hours later, I was able to stand and walk to the bathroom. Another trip to the bathroom without the nurse was more eventful when more clots came out. Not good.

My results came back, and my hemoglobin was at 6.4. Apparently 6.0 can be life threatening, and since I lost even more blood since the blood had been drawn, the discussion of having a transfusion began. My doctor came by around 9 or 10 am. Before this, I had been up to taking a shower (life felt better after that!) and had actually walked around the room a bit without any dizziness or nausea. I was preparing for the kids to come to the hospital with their Grammy and wanted to get some sweet first moment shots of them with Haddon. Again, I love my doctor and trust her completely. She explained to me my options. I could get the transfusion, 2 units, or I could get some other stuff pumped into my IV that would help, but the results wouldn’t be immediate. I asked her to tell me what she would prefer. Since my symptoms were gone, she wasn’t as worried, but because I lost more blood after getting such low results, she leaned towards getting the transfusion. She also knew I would be going home to 2 preschoolers and a new baby and wanted me to have the chance to feel stronger before heading home.

So we decided to do it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long after the kids got there that they had to begin prepping me for the transfusion. We didn’t get the photos I had been hoping for, and this is when I began to feel the flood of emotions begin. It was getting a little chaotic in the room, so Crockett took the kids to the cafeteria to eat lunch while they got my IV figured out. My mother-in-law was there with me, holding Haddon.

They had left my IV in my hand, so we were hoping the blood could go in through the same IV. Unfortunately, when they just tried it with saline, it hurt. Nothing we did helped, and apparently the blood would hurt even more, so we had to find a new location. A different nurse came in who is the resident “IV Queen”. She tried 2 different spots, digging and probing, but because of the blood loss, my veins were not cooperating.

It hurt. I am not afraid of needles and do not struggle with them usually. But this hurt so much. The nurse said she only tries twice before calling in the other resident IV lady. We prayed that this 3rd time would work. And thankfully, it did.

The kids left soon after with their Grammy, and Haddon was taken to be circumcised.

Soon after this, my husband received a phone call that caused the emotions I had been  holding in to overflow. I was angry at the caller. I was overwhelmed with how I felt physically. And when Haddon let out a whimper after returning from his circumcision, the silent tears became huge sobs. I felt like I couldn’t even take care of my newborn with all the pain I had in both arms, how was I even going to hold him? I cried uncontrollably. I began to hyperventilate, which caused sharp pains in my back.

My sweet nurse was able to calm me enough to where the sobs became silent tears once more. She gave me pain medicine, which I had been turning down, and encouraged me. When the transfusion was finally finished (it took hours…4 or 6…can’t remember which. Hours and hours of HGTV…), the world brightened a bit.

A word to new parents…you will have to simply ignore when those you love give no thought to what you are going through and make your situation about themselves. It happens. Don’t answer your phone. Eventually they will understand. It took me quite some time to calm down about that situation, and it added so much extra stress to what I was already feeling.

Even in the midst of this eventful 48 hours, we were able to get plenty of sweet photos to document his first days of life.

Still cannot believe how much hair he had!

He is the best swaddler!

The kids arrived! I had imagined a sweet photos of them on the couch with their Daddy, holding Haddon together. But the nurses came in just minutes after the kids,

and Crockett had to help clear our things out of their way as they began to get everything ready for the transfusion. So disappointing.

Crockett had to take Tessa’s first time holding her new brother…they were attempting to try out my IV at this point.

Her face! She was being so shy!

Thankfully, the day we left, I felt up to having some photos taken with our sweet boy.




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