T is turning 4!

Our girl, our first born…

is turning 4 this weekend!

She is sensitive, sweet, curious, silly, beautiful, fun, creative.

She (still) loves all things princess, especially Sleeping Beauty, wearing dresses, painting her nails, putting on Mommy’s make-up, gymnastics, ballet, COLORING, anything outdoors, reading books, Disney Barbies, spending time and following her little brother.

Best friends: Sadie, Charlie, Bryant, and Josiah (kiddos in our CG and her brother)

Favorite Song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow (loves for Mommy to sing it at naptime)

She currently knows many of her letters and their sounds, can cut with scissors, and can color in the lines!

When she grows up, she wants to be…a princess! Though Sunday, she talked about wearing Mommy’s dresses and teaching a class at church when she was big =)

Funny Pronunciations: “Banana Bar” = Granola Bar; “Potato-dough” = Playdough

Favorite Colors: Pink, Purple, and Elsa Blue

Still struggles with fits and sucking her thumb =(

She is scared of lawn mowers, bugs if they get on her, gorillas, alligators, and storms!

 The dress she is wearing in the photos is her first Maxi Dress. She LOVES it because it is long, like a real princess dress. We will have to buy more of these! We made her a ring of flowers, learning for next time to use little flowers…it was too much to stay on her head! Picking flowers is one of favorite pastimes, so we are hoping to find a field of wildflowers soon and make another flower tiara for her. She is a fantastic big sister, and loves holding/kissing/snuggling Baby H. I still remember holding her for the very first time, slightly in shock that this little person had been growing inside of me for 38 weeks. She taught us to be parents, and we loved learning. She was a belly sleeper, a spitter-upper, a nighttime crier, and loved mommy and daddy equally as a newborn (and still does). She was our teeniest baby at 6lbs 2 ounces, and she has definitely remained petite! Watching her learn and grow from baby to young lady has been so rewarding and bittersweet. Babyhood is getting farther and farther behind. I will miss those sweet days, but look forward to experiencing all that is to come!

Kara Delaine Photography

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