At Home with Baby H!

Our guy. I cannot imagine my heart being any fuller at this moment. His soft skin, little breaths, sweet smell, scrunched up bottom…there is so much to enjoy during this impossibly short period of newborn-hood. I want to hold onto it forever.  Life has not been perfect or necessarily easy since he was born, but there have been so many sweet moments. Moments that make me see with clear eyes how incredibly good God has been to us with each of our 3 littles. They are so beautiful. Each of them unique in their own little ways. I love them more than I will ever be able to show them. Once my husband goes back to work after this next week off, I am sure this perspective will be hard to hold onto…but here it is, written down, for me to go back and remind myself to savor the fleeting moments, the chaos, the stress…soon enough they will leave babyhood completely behind and not need me as much as they do now.

I mean, really??!


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