Jesse and Amy {Louisville Wedding Photographer}

Jesse and Amy are an incredibly sweet couple who I didn’t meet until their wedding day! Louisville was a central place for both families, so though no one actually lived here, it was the location of choice. Jesse and Amy met at the Grand Canyon and  fell in love soon after! Thankfully, our temperatures got into the 50s so we weren’t freezing during photos. There was partially melted snow everywhere, but we made it work! Their wedding was small, simple, and absolutely perfect. Their first look is one to be treasured as it was also their first kiss and my favorite moments from their day!

Being quite pregnant, I am so thankful again have Rebecca Laurel Photography at my side. I love shooting with her, and definitely could not have done it alone.  She helped my only partially working brain, and captured some beautiful shots!

Enjoy my first wedding of 2015!





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