Baby Number 3! {Louisville Maternity Photographer}

With our firstborn, I had a DSLR (not a good one), and I attempted a few maternity photos during our Babymoon in Orlando. I used a tripod, it was windy, and not many of the photos are in focus.  The camera + tripod fell down in the sand MANY times. Not a great situation, but we still got a few photos to remember that time. With our second born, we again got out the tripod, the location and lighting was beautiful, and we did get some good images. BUT, I was still using the same camera, my settings were not the greatest on the tripod shots, and my editing was not very refined. I knew I wanted to capture this pregnancy and do it WELL, and though we did not hire a professional (we are saving that for a Newborn Lifestyle Session I am SUPER excited about), my husband still captured some gorgeous moments. The lighting and weather were on our side for February, and I am so thankful for these moments. We are not sure whether we will have another biological child or adopt, and I definitely want to remember my pregnancy with our 3rd baby, our 2nd boy, as much as possible. I am so very excited to meet him, to look into his eyes for the first time, to hold him close, to cherish each and every minute of his sweet newborn days. Since I daily wear sweats and a tank top, with no makeup and air dried hair, this was also a fun time for me to get dressed up and feel beautiful, which is one goal I always have for my maternity clients.

For those of you who feel awkward in front of the camera, I know that feeling all too well. I hate it! It is also very difficult to use a “human tripod” (aka my hubby) and have our children to keep an eye on (and the wind was crazy!). These could not have happened without warm weather, a safe location, good timing, and a lot of patience! Enjoy my favorite shots from our time this weekend!

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