A Birth Story {Louisville Labor and Delivery Photographer}

Very thankful to have had the opportunity to capture the birth of this sweet couple’s 5th baby! From the birth sessions I had scheduled this summer, I know how easily they do NOT work out. Last Monday evening, I got the text that let me know they were headed to the hospital. I wasn’t home at the time, but was on my way there. I changed, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and arrived around 10pm. They were planning on letting me know how much she had progressed a little later, but since there wasn’t a chance I would be falling asleep, and since she was quite a bit overdue with her 5th baby, I decided to go ahead and get there. And guess what? Baby A arrived less than an hour and a half later! They were not expecting her to progress that quickly, but as her doula and husband observed her contractions and responses, they knew the baby was coming very soon! It was amazing to see just how well her doula knew her from her past labors. After the doctor arrived, I thought we had at least 10 minutes of pushing to go…but I think it was just 5 mins later that baby girl arrived! At the same moment her water broke, baby A came out-I did not capture this on camera unfortunately, and it is my biggest regret (though even if I had gotten the shot, it most likely wouldn’t have been shared). This being only my 2nd birth session, I am still learning. The tradition now seems to be to plop baby right down on mom right after they are born and then immediately begin wiping them off with blankets. For my future sessions, I hope to request for the doctor to hold baby up, just for a moment, to get that just-out-of-the-womb-shot. There were also a lot of people in the room and not much space for me. From my own two very different experiences with my children, this definitely varies from doctor to doctor. With my daughter, it was a whole team of at least 7. With my son, there were 2 nurses and my doctor. It was wonderful and very peaceful! As a birth photographer, you have to be prepared for different circumstances and know the best spot to place yourself. I learn from my mistakes though and hope to improve with each session-and I do hope to have more in the future

I will never fail to be amazed at the wonder of birth. It is one of the most miraculous parts of life of earth. Enjoy the story told from these amazing moments!

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  1. Yuka from Japan October 17, 2014 at 6:05 am

    Congratulations, Terra!!
    Im so happy you have beautiful and sweet baby(^-^)
    Im proud of you.
    Im also 2 and half years baby mom.
    We were young when we lived together in dormitory.
    Now, we are mother!
    Talk to later!

    Yuka from Japan

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