A Little Piece of my Heart.

“There is only you and your camera, the limitations in your photography are in yourself.”

 -Ernst Haas

My husband and a few of my friends can most definitely tell you that I have been my own worst critic since beginning this journey in 2012. I struggle with taking everything personally. I struggle with having confidence in my work. I struggle with second guessing every photo I put up. I struggle with what my clients think of me, what other photographer’s think of me, what my friends think of me…Words do hurt. Actions hurt. And I do cry. I do let one small thing that happens ruin an entire day. I had no idea that this journey into the world of professional photography would lead me to discover more of who I am as a person and show me areas in which I need to grow.

At the root of all of this is pride. I want to be better, greater, more. I am never quite good enough in my own eyes. I push myself so hard and always fall short. I have to sit back and remind myself that the only person I should be comparing myself to is who I used to be. And compared to 2 years ago, I have grown leaps and bounds as a photographer. Looking ahead, I hope to grow even more and become the photographer I wish I were now. But if this is all I have, who I am right now, it should be enough for me.

This is a little piece of my heart, as a person and not just a photographer. We are people too. And the people who are the meanest and harshest in this business are not the clients, but fellow photographers. So be kind. Think twice before judging. Be humble. Be encouraging. We are all learning, we are all growing. It is a hard career path to choose. Photographers are everywhere, with different backgrounds, different abilities, and with a story. They are all people. They have families and lives apart from their work. Take the time to see that.

Wife, Mommy, Christian, Friend, Photographer. One woman trying to live life on this earth to the fullest before it ends.


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