C Family {Louisville Family Photographer}

I cannot believe this mama was not only able to get all 7 kiddos dressed by herself (hubby had to meet us there), but look how stylish and coordinated they all are! I can barely do our small family of 4-she is pretty much amazing! Mary and her family received a family session as a result of our Breast Cancer Awareness giveaway. She was nominated by a few friends who wanted to bless her with this gift.  Here is a snapshot of her life and heart:

“November marks the 3 year anniversary of being diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s amazing…actually knee buckling to think of all that has taken place over the last 3 years: 22 rounds of chemo, 31 radiation treatments, and 9 surgeries later our family is still laughing, still fighting, still trusting and still so grateful to God for His kindness to us.”

I loved getting to spend some time with this wonderful family. I saw the strength and fight in each of them. I was inspired and challenged. I was also encouraged to have more kiddos! Haha! I used to always say I wanted 10…then we had 2 so close together. Life gets so crazy and overwhelming at points, but children are also such an amazing blessing! I cannot imagine NOT having more.  Seeing these awesome kiddos with their mom and dad definitely helped me to see how worth it they are, no matter how much chaos ensues! Now to tell my husband 😉

Cancer is real. So very real. And whether it’s cancer or a car accident, none of us are guaranteed to turn gray. Treasure each day, each ordinary moment. Embrace life and live! This family has learned to do just that. Enjoy some of my favorite moments from the C Family Session!

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  1. Alba November 27, 2013 at 6:26 am

    Amo a Mary y su familia! 🙂 I love Mary and her family!

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