Our Family {Louisville Family Photographer}

The story behind our family photos.

It was a Monday. The high was about 63, skies were clear, and my hubby was getting off work early to help me at a doctor’s appointment for T. I decided this was the day-if we got out of the appt early enough, we would run home, change, and finally take our family photos. I’ve been wanting to for awhile, but timing just hasn’t worked out with all of my other sessions. Originally, I had planned on having my assistant help us out so I didn’t have to worry about the tripod. Unfortunately, since it was so last minute, I couldn’t get a hold of her.

Well, we got out on time, rushed home, got everything we needed, and went to a nearby park.  It was about 5:30 (before the time change) and sunset had been around 7. So I thought. Some of the spots I had planned on were still in full sun, so we walked quite a ways to the area you see in the photos below. My tripod was broken, just missing one essential piece, but fortunately, T’s glow bracelet was just the right size to hold the camera in place. Haha. After I got that situated, I began to search for the remote setting so I wouldn’t have to run back and forth to the camera.

I searched and searched and searched. The sun began to get lower and lower. I got frustrated. Finally, since the sun had set almost completely behind the trees, I just set the timer and ran back and forth. It would have at least been easier if I could have figured our how to make it take more than 1 shot, but no luck.

Now in my defense, I really thought I had used my new camera on the tripod before. Turns out, I hadn’t. I researched it afterwards, and it turns out the fancy d700 has to have a fancy and expensive remote system, not just my dinky $10 one that worked perfectly with the d5000. Sigh.

Anyways, we got two decent family shots, a few with us with the kiddos, but by the time I tried to get some of the kiddos alone, it was simply too dark, even with the ISO cranked up, and they were shivering with cold and hungry for dinner.

It turns out that sunset was actually at about 6:40, so walking to the spot, combined with the time it took to look for the remote setting and then have to run back and forth to the camera simply caused us to run out of light, even when we went to a more open area. Twenty mins makes a HUGE difference. This is why you should always be on time for your shoot =)

I REALLY wanted us to have a family photo where we were actually having fun instead of being frustrated, cold, and hungry. Photos are all about the moments you are capturing! So a week or so later, we tried again with a new plan. More on that later…

However, it turns out that I love these more-at least I love the tones and light more. Those moments right before the sun goes down have the most beautiful light. You just can’t fake that in a photo!

The one sweet shot I got before giving up with any sibling photos! My ISO was cranked up high, and I still had to raise the exposure in Lightroom. Still cute, but not the greatest quality-plus, there were no more smiles after this!

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