The J Family {Louisville Family Photographer}

I was thrilled when the Js wanted me to do family photos again this year! I know how much I have grown as a photographer since last fall and couldn’t wait to show them. These kiddos are ADORABLE! Miss A was in our class at church for quite some time until we recently split the 4s and 5s. Now we teach the 5 year olds and definitely miss her! Mr. O I have not gotten to know as well-but he was SO sweet during the session! He even gave me a surprise kiss on the cheek! Baby K was born around the same time as my little man (another 1 year old!) and has grown so much since our session last fall.  I love seeing all these babies growing up together!

Just a secret for those interested, most of my family photos with ALL the children looking towards the camera are composites! It’s a must to know how to put 2 or more photos together to make one image.  Sometimes you do get a perfect shot of everyone having fun in the same moment, but most of the time I do put 2 or more photos together. This also means you MUST keep snapping! If I take 5-6 shots of one pose and have at least one of each child looking/laughing/smiling  or just being incredibly adorable-even if it’s not happening all at once-I know I’m set to make one awesome image.  This goes for sessions without kiddos too! It’s a skill you should definitely invest time in learning!

He is so handsome!

Beautiful Miss A! So glad she gave us some twirls!

I had to do this because mom’s eyes look so incredibly blue here! Gorgeous!

Big sister thought Mr. O would enjoy some leaves thrown on him! He was not too sure about that! I love how his eyes are closed in both of these photos!

The first shot of the evening ended up being my personal favorite, taken before the sunshine decided to hide behind the clouds. I love golden bokeh! There are a few secrets behind this image, and I honestly wasn’t sure it would turn out how I wanted, but it did! Perhaps I will share the edit in the future if anyone is interested!

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  1. Steph October 28, 2013 at 12:57 am

    We have loved working with you and look forward to making it a yearly tradition! You are so patient and fun with the kiddos and we appreciate all of work that you’ve put in to improve your craft. It definitely shows. Thanks again for beautiful pictures that we will treasure as we watch our family grow before our eyes.

    p.s. I would LOVE to see the edit on the last shot because I remember how busy the trail was that day!!

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