W Family {Louisville Family Photographer}

It has been tons of fun to capture like 5  one-year-olds in a row! I LOVE this age and am enjoying it so much with my little man. This sweet boy has already mastered walking! It was literally like I was watching him grow up before my eyes-I saw the pride and determination in his little eyes as he showed off his skills, and in that instant, the little toddler he was becoming was shining through. He will be his mama’s baby forever for sure (I know mine will be!), and though watching them leave babyhood is hard, he was so ready to explore the big world around him as soon as his feet hit the ground! Here are some favorites from our session-enjoy!

This first one was my absolute favorite! I couldn’t choose between black and white or color…

I have to say, this little guy was the sweetest ever. Most babies are very unsure of me, at least at first, but he just gave his adorable sideways smile and loved every minute!

Here is that side grin in action!

The very last photo-he was ready to go home and get ready for bed!

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