Blum/Nally Session {Louisville Family Photographer}

I was thrilled when my friend asked me to do some family photos for them as a surprise for their mom on her birthday! A little back story to our friendship with the Blums-in 2011, I often served in the nursery at our church. There was an adorable baby boy who was the most well-behaved child EVER! He was content no matter what (which is HUGE when you have 15 babies to care for!) and always a favorite. I knew the Blums by their faces, but it wasn’t until a year later that they would join our community group and I would get to know them as well as I knew their little man. It turns out he and our T are just 3 days apart! At that time, Mrs. Blum and I were both preggo-we had our baby boy, they had their girl, and now they are both about to be 1! Time flies!

Now Mrs. Nally is Mrs. Blum’s sister. They recently moved back to Louisville and have also become part of our small group. We have loved getting to know them so far-they are an awesome couple with a sweet baby boy and have been such a blessing to our group. I know their mom has loved having both of her daughter and her grandbabies so close, and I think this was one of the best gifts they could give her on her birthday! Enjoy a few of my favs from their session!

They have so much fun together!

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