A Day in the Life {Louisville Lifestyle Photographer}

I thought it would be fun to document a day in our lives. So I did =) Or at least half of the day…

Please excuse typos. I am not up to checking myself tonight! And they were not edited much, but the moments were more important to me, and I most definitely did not want to put it off for long! So quick Lightroom edits were it!

This is Saturday, August 31, 2013.

The day began well. We had a few errands to run in the morning, the lunch + nap before a 4:00 birthday party at the park! Love this first shot I got of Miss. T, looking so adorable. My lens actually fogged up right when I took the cap off, so it has that early morning haze look. It was actually about 10:30.

As soon as she gets in the car seat, she says, “Mama! I pooped!” And I can smell it. She has been having some diarrhea issues that we believe are related to a food sensitivity, so we knew it had to be changed right away.

Too late.

Leaked through.

All over her skirt .

This is only the 2nd time she has worn it. She pooped in it the first time too.

So I head into the house to find her something else to wear while daddy got her cleaned up in the trunk (don’t worry, we have a hatchback. Perfect for changing diapers). Most of our laundry is dirty or in the washer. It takes a while. Good thing she is so adorable!

Evidences of big sister’s love on his face. Poor baby. He gets abused by her on a regular basis.

Before we can get out of the parking lot, I realized I had forgotten to shave my legs!

And they needed it. Really bad. So hubby ran back in to get his electric razor (works wonders!), and then we were finally off!

First stop was the bank to deposit some checks we’ve been forgetting to deposit for weeks. Done!

Then we run by OfficeMax to get some clips for picture frames we made for my photo display (going up this week! Pictures coming soon!). I ran in so we didn’t have to get the kiddos out.

THEN off to Home Depot to look at plexiglass for another frame…only it was way too much in the wrong size so we decided not to get it….a little difficult to explain! We love the carts they finally got at our Home Depot!! The babies are much better behaved in them.

First thing that happens-Tessa throws a fit about being on the wrong side of the cart. She is becoming OCD about a few things, one of them is always siting on the same side of the cart at Home Depot. So odd.

Then she immediately asks for a snack. She has a routine to stick to you know.

Though the plexiglass didn’t work out, we decided to buy some mums and soil/fertilizer for our sad little flower bed surrounding our condo parking lot sign…hard to know what I mean unless you’ve been to our place…but we planted 3 mums a few weeks ago (and added a bit of soil/fertilizer). They looked so lovely.

Then they began to die quickly. We finally decided it had to be the soil. And perhaps the sun. So we got a lot more soil and another mum just to brighten the area up a bit. We will see how long this one makes it…

Then off to Trader Joe’s to get the ingredients for homemade (and pre-made) instant oatmeal! I discovered it on Pinterest of course.

There were about 1.2 million people in this tiny story, so not much picture taking took place!

I do love how T pushed the cart around with her arms resting on top. So cute.

Sweet boy fell asleep in the car and thankfully slept most of our time in the store! Don’t you love his socks??

There was Feeder’s Supply across the parking lot, so I spontaneously decided it would be fun to take T and J now that T is no longer terrified of living things. And it was fun! So glad we did it.

Of course because it was so fun, a big fit ensued when it was time to go to the car. No photo of that because I was feeding the baby in the car while it was happening, but I knew one would also come when it was time to get out of the car.

I was right.


we are dog-sitting, and taking the doggie potty makes a fit stop instantly!

J was entertained by the doggie while we quickly got lunch on the table.

He likes to chase her around.

She does not like it so much.

Time for lunch!  Grapes are great.

Oh, a quick photo of shutters a little wall design I did in the kitchen. Not super amazing, but I like it =)

And then it was nap time, praise the Lord! And then party time. Unfortunately it was POURING when we left for the park, and we were running late, so no camera was taken. Thankfully when we got there, the sun was out and the weather was perfect!

Fits happened when it was time to go home, so bedtime was quick and no photos were taken of it either.

BUT the next evening I used my human tripod (aka hubby) to take some photos of me and the babies at bedtime. Sharing soon!

Our typical bedtime is pjs, lotion for their eczema, 2 or 3 books, brush teeth, bed. On stinky days baths take place. Or when it has been a week…

Hope you enjoyed a day (or half a day) in our lives!

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