S Family {Louisville Family Photographer}

Meet the S family!! It’s funny how often my shoots include little ones who are 2 or under! If you ever need tips on this age, just let me know! I have had multiple experiences at this point, both with my own children and others. I came prepared, and though the bubble gun didn’t work quite as well as we were hoping, and there were lots of remote controlled airplanes causing distractions in the sky, we still had lots of fun and captured some awesome moments!

I really enjoyed getting to know this sweet family-they should seriously be models! Enjoy some of my favorites from their shoot!















Took a couple of minutes to get mom and dad by themselves…the crying began literally within those two minutes! But I’m super glad we took the time. I love this one!

LOVE these shoes!!


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  1. Judi Stone August 25, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    Best pictures I have seen! Beautiful family eve tho I might be a Lille partial!

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