My Sunshines {Louisville Family Photographer}

My babies are growing up! Our little man will be 11 months old soon and our baby girl is not much of a baby anymore at 27 months! It’s hard to watch babyhood get left behind, but I am loving watching them learn so much each day! Siah is now clapping, praying, dancing, waving, climbing and catching onto to things I didn’t even realize were on his radar! I don’t think he will be walking anytime soon, but he may surprise me! He says “dada” and “daddy” quite clearly, along with “bas” and “yeah”. Still refuses to say mama, though we all know he said it consistently for a food months back in April/May! He’s a stinker.

Oh, and he LOVES music. And banging on various surfaces.

Tessa is most definitely in the repeatingeverythingshehears phase. She calls me “Honey” quite often because that is what she hears her daddy call me on a regular basis. She has also began to call me “Kara”, though it sounds more like “Kiya” …she doesn’t get that it’s my name though. I’m still mommy to her! She also continues to put new sentences together. I love her version of our words-hoping to get those on video before she outgrows that too! She is really loving Bible stories right now. And Barney. Sigh.

And she prays! It’s so sweet.

Of course, they both have their weaknesses that cause me frustration and stress each day! Siah has learned how to throw little fits already. It’s only been about a week of it so far…so I ‘m hoping perhaps it’s a mini stage?? He is too young to be doing it already! He also bangs on the computer whenever he gets the opportunity and holds onto my legs when I am trying to cook/clean. Tessa’s fits are pretty epic and happen about 20x a day. Nothing out of the ordinary for a 2 year old. She is also very rough on her little brother. It’s a constant issue! When she is in the mood to actually play with him, they are super sweet however.

It usually lasts about 10 mins or less.

Love my little ones! Pray daily that our lives on earth are long together. I want to hold onto them forever.

Oh those curls! 


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