My Beautiful Girl {Louisville Child Photographer}

I had the opportunity to try out the 85mm f1.4 for about 15 mins before it had to be returned to the store…LONG story. The short version-I was asked to second shoot a wedding last weekend, so I rented this lens. Never heard from the photographer the day before, so I still didn’t have the details about location or time. That night, I ended up with a stomach bug from 1am on! I was so disappointed I would have to flake on her….come to find out, she had spent the day in the ER and had to find another photographer to replace her, which is why I couldn’t get in touch with her to get the details.


So I spent $40 to rent this lens and barely got to use it. I loved it though!! Hope to own it one day =) I love this particular shot. I could stare at it ALL day long.

I love my sweet girl.

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